Fashion Credits

Carrie - Wedding: Dress: Black Marc Bouwer long dress; Shoes: Black Calvin Klein sandal

Carrie - Diner (14): Top: Pink Juicy Couture buttom front; Pants: Black capri PF (back zip); Shoes: New Balance sneakers; Coat: Black wool

Carrie - Int. Portico (27): Shirt: Blue Lab A 3/4 sleeve V-neck; Pant: Navy PF Capri; Coat: Plaid Wynn; Shoe: Nike; Purse: Red Channel 13 tote bag clutch

Carrie - Int. Yoga Class (29): Top: Black Juicy Couture tank; Tights: Black Danskin; Headband: Red

Carrie - Ext. Lincoln Center: Shirt: Black turtleneck; Pant: Black PF pull-on; Shoes: Black Manolo Blahnik mules; Coat: Blue Fendi; Purse: Black clutch

Carrie - Int. Carrie's Apt. (34): Dress: Black Pinstripe Victor De Souza strapless w/neck strap; Pant: Black PF pull-on; Shoe: Blue Patrick Cox snakeskin mule; Purse: Black clutch patent leather

Carrie - Int. Grandma's Apt. (40): Suit: Oatmeal Dolce & Gabbana pant and jacket; Purse: Red clutch; Shoe: Beige Kenneth Cole snakeskin; Coat: Blue Fendi

Carrie - Int. Big's Apt. (41): Dress: Red Rebecca Danenberg v-neck w/rhinestone pin; Shoe: Chinese Laundry strappy sandal

Samantha - Wedding: Dress: Black Herve Leger; Shoes: black patent Manolo Blahnik; Bag: Black Gucci clutch; Hat: Black clip with feathers

Samantha - Diner (14): Top: Red Natori v-neck sweater; Pant: Black Banana Republic stretch; Jacket: Yakko leather blazer; Shoes: Nine West boots stretch 1/2 boot

Samantha - Int. Restaurant (19): Skirt: Christian La Croix lace; Blouse: Purple Christian La Croix sheer; Bra: Black Natori; Clutch: Black Gucci; Shoe: Black Nine West square toe

Samantha - Ext. Street (28): Suit: Candace Bushnell's Dolce & Gabbana w/fur burgandy collar; Shirt: Grey A.O. turtleneck; Purse: Black A.O. fabric satchel; Boot: Black Nine West short

Charlotte - Wedding: Dress: Black Tahari w/chiffon; Shoe: Black Allure pointy strap; Purse: Black Y&S Fabric small

Charlotte - Diner (14): Blouse: Bone/Mauve Tocca tank; Sweater: Mauve Tocca cardigan; Skirt: Mauve Tocca; Purse: Black Prada small

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