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VICE 73: Crude Reality & Between Oil and Water

"Crude Reality" Six years after winning its independence, South Sudan is already on the brink of collapse. Despite its vast oil reserves and more than $10 Billion in aid from the United States, the country has been driven into famine and a devastating ethnic war. VICE's Isobel Yeung explores how corruption at the top is threatening to tear the world's newest country apart. "Between Oil and Water" Last year, thousands of Native Americans and environmental activists from across the country converged at Standing Rock in an effort to block construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline near the reservation. By winter, a lean-to encampment had grown into a massive protest site the size of a small town, and clashes between protestors and local police and corporate security flared into the nights. VICE travelled to the Sacred Stone Camp in December and followed the story over the subsequent months as the Trump Administration moved quickly to resume work on the pipeline, examining how resource extraction has affected Native American communities. (TV14) (AC,MV)



The Blair Witch Project

Filmed on a micro-budget and shot quietly in the Maryland woods, "The Blair Witch Project" would go on to surpass "Halloween" as the most successful independent film of all time while popularizing an entire horror subgenre: the found-footage film. Heather Donahue, Michael Williams and Joshua Leonard star as a trio of filmmakers whose documentary on the legend of the 'Blair Witch' leads them into the woods--where they soon become hopelessly lost while being terrorized by an unknown presence. Don't go in expecting big effects or monsters, it's just pure suspense--watch this one at night in the dark and prepare to be creeped out! Written & directed by Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez. (R) (AC,AL,V)



Game of Thrones 62: Stormborn

Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Jon faces a revolt. Sam risks his career and life. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros. (TVMA) (AC,AL,GV,N,SC)

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