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VICE 59: Black and Blue & Our Bionic Future

"Black and Blue" - Almost three years after Ferguson, tensions between the police and Black communities remain high. While African Americans are being targeted at unprecedented rates, 2016 saw a dramatic spike in the number of officers killed in ambush-style attacks. Recent attempts at reform have done little to save lives. Now, as the country grows further divided, some officers are speaking out to spark change in some of the 18,000 local police departments. VICE correspondent Cord Jefferson reports from St. Louis, one of America's most dangerous cities, to hear from activists and police officers alike about race and policing. "Our Bionic Future" - A bionic revolution is brewing, as recent advancements in bioengineering have brought about scientific breakthroughs in rehabilitation for people with disabilities. The most cutting edge research is happening inside the human brain, where implanted technology allows people to communicate directly with computers, using their thoughts. VICE's Wilbert L. Cooper travels to Zurich to see the first ever bionic Olympics and discovers a host of technologies that are expanding what it means to be human. (TV14) (AC)



The Big Lebowski

Jeff Bridges is ''The Dude,'' a perpetually stoned slacker named Jeff Lebowski who gets mixed up in a kidnapping case after being mistaken for a millionaire with the same name. But all ''The Dude'' wants to do is go bowling and retrieve his stolen rug...because it really tied the room together. The Coen Bros.' shaggy-dog cult comedy also stars John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, David Huddleston, John Turturro. Directed by Joel Coen; written by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen. (R) (AC,AL,N,V)


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