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Dias de Vinilo (Vinyl Days)

Duration :


Summary: In this Argentinean romantic comedy, four best buddies since childhood who share a passion for music and women find themselves facing various midlife crises as one of them is about to get married. Starring Gaston Pauls, Fernan Miras, Ignacia Toselli, Rafael Spregelburd, Ines Efron, Emilia Attias, Akemi Nakamura, Carolina Pelleritti, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Maricel Alvarez. Directed and written by Gabriel Nesci. (TV14) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Alejandro Cacetta,Diego Corsini,Juan Galli,Juan Vera

CAST : Gaston Pauls,Fernan Miras,Ignacio Toselli,Rafael Spregelburd,Ines Efron,Emilia Attias,Akemi Nakamura,Carolina Pelleritti,Leonardo Sbaraglia,Maricel Alvarez

WRITER : Gabriel Nesci

DIRECTOR : Gabriel Nesci

Genre : Comedy