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Summary: An introverted teen must deal with bullies who threaten to expose her feelings for a teacher in this short film. Starring Megan Sousa, Amrahu Ibraheem, Nick Ryan, Mariah Goolsby, Alyssa DiVirgilio, Chellee Ray and Stephanie Gibson. Written and directed by Kimberly Townes. (TV14) (AC,AL,MV)

PRODUCER : Amrahu Ibraheem,Monica Mallet,Melissa Nemcek,Kimberly Townes,Delois Townes

CAST : Megan Sousa,Amrahu Ibraheem,Mariah Goolsby,Alyssa DiVirgilio,Chellee Ray,Stephanie Gibson,Nick Ryan

WRITER : Kimberly Townes

DIRECTOR : Kimberly Townes

Genre : Comedy