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War of the Worlds

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Summary: 'They regarded our planet with envious eyes'--and then moved to destroy it. H.G. Wells's unforgettable novel about a hostile alien attack on Earth is brilliantly remade in this eye-popping, nerve-shattering adaptation from Steven Spielberg. Without warning, strange electrical storms open points in the ground across the globe, awakening hideous, massive, three-legged machines that have lain dormant for centuries...and that incinerate everything in their path with white-hot death rays. For divorced dockworker Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise), his only concern is keeping his two children alive...but can anyone hide from the sinister monsters as they harvest their human prey? Dakota Fanning, Miranda Otto and Tim Robbins co-star. Nominated for three 2005 Oscars(R) (Sound, Sound Editing and Visual Effects). Directed by Steven Spielberg; screenplay by David Koepp, based on the novel by H.G. Wells. 'Spielberg more than does justice to the granddaddy of all alien-invasion tales' (Hollywood Reporter). (PG13) (AC,V)

PRODUCER : Kathleen Kennedy,Colin Wilson,Paula Wagner

CAST : Tom Cruise,Dakota Fanning,Miranda Otto,Tim Robbins

WRITER : David Koepp,H.G. Wells

DIRECTOR : Steven Spielberg

Genre : Thriller