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Vehicle 19

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Summary: Paul Walker ("Fast & Furious 6") puts the pedal to the metal again in this action-thriller with the novelty of being filmed almost entirely inside of a car. Breaking his parole, an ex-con (Walker) winds up running for his life when he travels to South Africa in an attempt to reconcile with his ex-wife. After picking up the wrong rental car, he finds a phone with a cryptic text message, a gun under the seat, and a woman tied up and hidden in the back, leading to a series of wild chases and shootouts. Naima McLean and Gys de Villiers co-star. Written and directed by Mukinda Michael Dewil. (TV14) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Peter Safran,Ryan Haidarian,Paul Walker,Eddie Mbalo,Basil Ford,Gary King

CAST : Paul Walker,Naima McLean,Guy de Villiers

WRITER : Mukunda Dewil

DIRECTOR : Mukunda Dewil

Genre : Crime