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Vanishing Point

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Summary: A man races through the West in an extreme muscle car outspeeding police in order to make it home to his pregnant wife in this remake. Jimmy Kowalski (Viggo Mortensen) took a delivery job miles away, but when his lovely bride goes into troubled labor, Jimmy takes a swift racecar to the next level outwitting police while receiving aid from 'The Voice' on the radio. With Viggo Mortensen, Christine Elise, Steve Railsback and Jason Priestley. Directed by Charles Robert Carner; teleplay by Charles Robert Carner, from a story by Malcolm Hart, based on the screenplay by Guillermo Cain. (TVPG) (AC,V)

PRODUCER : Alan C. Blomquist

CAST : Viggo Mortensen,Christine Elise,Steve Railsback,Jason Priestley

WRITER : Charles Robert Carner,Malcolm Hart,Guillermo Cain

DIRECTOR : Charles Robert Carner

Genre : Drama