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Rome 03: An Owl in a Thornbush

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Summary: Scouting for Caesar some 30 miles from Rome, Pullo, Vorenus and some Ubian soldiers meet minimal resistance from a green group of Pompey's recruits. Alarmed at the speed with which Caesar's army has advanced, and with a less-than-full complement of soldiers at his disposal, Pompey makes an unusual tactical decision: abandon Rome to Caesar, at least temporarily. The order forces patrician families to choose sides--while Servilia, Caesar's longtime lover, decides to stay in Rome, her son, Marcus Junius Brutus, flees the city with others faithful to Pompey. After seeing her family's fortunes fall and rise in the course of a few hours, Atia enlists her mercenary, Timon, to ensure her family's security and eliminate her daughter's Pompeiian husband, Glabius. As Vorenus marvels that Rome has been left undefended, Pullo sees his uncanny good fortune continue after his unit intercepts a cargo wagon on the city's outskirts. (TVMA) (AC,AL,N,V)

PRODUCER : Bruno Heller,William J. MacDonald,John Milius,Anne Thomopoulos,Frank Doelger,Marco Valerio Pugini,Lucy Richer

CAST : Kevin McKidd,Ray Stevenson,Ciaran Hinds,Kenneth Cranham,Polly Walker,James Purefoy,Tobias Menzies,Lindsay Duncan,Indira Varma,Max Pirkis,Kerry Condon

WRITER : Bruno Heller

DIRECTOR : Michael Apted

CREATOR : John Milius,William J. MacDonald,Bruno Heller

Genre : Drama