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Pure Country 2: The Gift

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Summary: A heart-warming take on the trials and tribulations of success, this inspiring sequel takes a journey through the life of Bobbie Thomas (Katrina Elam), a country music star blessed at infancy with musical talent by a trio of angels and a morals clause attached. When adulthood in Nashville lands the rising star in a host of trouble, she comes to the realization that finding true happiness will require a return to her roots. Travis Fimmel, Michael McKean, Cheech Marin, Bronson Pinchot, Dean Cain, William Katt and George Strait co-star. Directed by Christopher Cain; written by Dean Cain & Christopher Cain. (PG) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Scott Duthie,Christopher Cain,Hunt Lowry,Lawrence Mortorff,Ben Horton,Phil Adams,Bryan Elliott,Ken Crain,James Tierney

CAST : Katrina Elam,Travis Fimmel,Michael McKean,Cheech Marin,Bronson Pinchot,Dean Cain,William Katt,George Strait

WRITER : Dean Cain,Christopher Cain

DIRECTOR : Christopher Cain

Genre : Musical