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No Te Enamores de Mi (Don't Fall in Love With Me)

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Summary: Three interconnected stories explore the complicated relationships of young, attractive Argentinian adults searching for true love while also struggling with family pressures and societal expectations. "A genuine, independent quality film with a cast to applaud" (Escribiendo Cine). Starring Pablo Rago, Julieta Ortega, Guillermo Pfening, Violeta Urtizberea, Mercedes Oviedo, Tomas Fonzi. Directed and written by Federico Finkielstain. (TVMA) (AC,AL,N,RP)

PRODUCER : Federico Finkielstain,Amilcar Machado,Virginia Pstyga de Cordoba,Steve Akerman

CAST : Pablo Rago,Julieta Ortega,Guillermo Pfening,Violeta Urtizberea,Mercedes Oviedo,Tomas Fonzi

WRITER : Federico Finkielstain

DIRECTOR : Federico Finkielstain

Genre : Sex