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No Such Thing

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Summary: Sarah Polley is the beauty and Robert John Burke is the beast who captures her heart in this witty Hal Hartley satire. Sent to Iceland to investigate reports of a monster, the young journalist finds the creature who is not only immortal, but a nasty drunk as well. Helen Mirren and Julie Christie co-star in this "stirring, funny and finally transporting re-imagining of Beauty and the Beast and 1930s horror films" (Matinee Magazine). Written and directed by Hal Hartley. (R) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Fridrik Thor Fridriksson,Hal Hartley,Cecilia Kate Roque,Francis Ford Coppola,Linda Reisman,Willi Baer

CAST : Sarah Polley,Robert John Burke,Helen Mirren,Julie Christie

WRITER : Hal Hartley

DIRECTOR : Hal Hartley

Genre : Fantasy