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No Contract, No Cookies: The Stella D'oro Strike

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Summary: At the Stella D'oro ("star of gold") cookie factory in the Bronx, NY, a proud group of multi-cultural, and mostly immigrant, workers went on strike in hopes of protecting their jobs and upholding their union contracts. Their cry: No Contract, No Cookies! This film highlights the close ties that developed between the employees over the course of their 11-month strike as they held boycott marches and rallies as well as family gatherings at their homes. Through interviews from the front lines, the documentary unveils an emotional underdog story about these employees and their battle to protect their livelihoods and "gold star" status. (TV14) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Jon Alpert,Matthew O'Neill,Reina Higashitani,Shannon Sonenstein,Sheila Nevins

DIRECTOR : Jon Alpert,Matthew O'Neill

Genre : Documentary