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Summary: If movies were pizza, this would be a deep-dish award winner with everything on it: super stars, a delicious story of love and laughs with a touch of garlic--all topped with three 1987 Academy Awards(R). Best Actress Cher goes from frumpy to fabulous as widow Loretta Castorini, living with her Italian family in Brooklyn and engaged to an average nice guy. When her fiance's brother, Nicolas Cage, appears, ba-boom! It's full-moon romance. Vincent Gardenia, Olympia Dukakis and Danny Aiello co-star. Directed by Norman Jewison; written by John Patrick Shanley. (PG) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Norman Jewison,Patrick Palmer

CAST : Cher,Nicolas Cage,Vincent Gardenia,Olympia Dukakis,Danny Aiello

WRITER : John Patrick Shanley

DIRECTOR : Norman Jewison

Genre : Romance