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Meet Joe Black

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Summary: Meet Joe Black: usher to the afterlife. Brad Pitt plays the otherworldly visitor sent for the soul of 65-year-old media leader William Parrish (Anthony Hopkins) in this ethereal drama. Inhabiting the body of a deceased young man, Joe Black permits Parrish time for his good-byes, so Black can get a feel for human experiences--including a love for peanut butter...and perhaps even Parrish's youngest daughter (Claire Forlani). Also with Jake Weber and Marcia Gay Harden. Directed by Martin Brest; screenplay by Ron Osborn, Jeff Reno, Kevin Wade and Bo Goldman, based on the play "Death Takes a Holiday" by Albert Casella and adapted by Walter Ferris, and the motion picture screenplay by Maxwell Anderson and Gladys Lehman. (PG13) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Martin Brest,Ronald L. Schwary

CAST : Brad Pitt,Anthony Hopkins,Claire Forlani,Jake Weber,Marcia Gay Harden

WRITER : Ron Osborn,Jeff Reno,Kevin Wade,Bo Goldman,Albert Casella,Walter Ferris,Maxwell Anderson,Gladys Lehman

DIRECTOR : Martin Brest

Genre : Fantasy