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Little Britain USA 04

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Summary: Lou and Andy search for a miracle at a Mississippi church; Ellie Grace gets tucked in for the night; Vicky Pollard gets caught smoking at boot camp; a party guest wishes he could forget his waiter's face; Carol Beer teaches an accident victim the importance of planning ahead; a marketer unveils his company's new anal cream; two robbers get the jitters while pulling a bank job; Prime Minister Sebastian exchanges parting gifts with the U.S. President; George and Sandra share some tea in the rain; Connor comes out to his grandmother Mildred; Marjorie Dawes accuses a FatFighters member of cheating; Emily Howard performs an impromptu duet of "Fields of Gold" with Sting. (TVMA) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Matt Lucas,David Walliams,Simon Fuller,Larry Brezner,David Steinberg,Michael Patrick Jann,Stephanie Cone Laing

CAST : Matt Lucas,David Walliams

WRITER : Matt Lucas,David Walliams

DIRECTOR : Michael Patrick Jann

Genre : Comedy