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Life's Too Short 03: Episode 3

Duration :


Summary: After complaints that he takes all the best roles for himself, Warwick creates show reels for his talent-agency clients, and launches a website to drum up business. Meanwhile, Warwick sidles himself into a news interview with the chairman of the Society for People of Short Stature, and takes on a role opposite Helena Bonham Carter. (TVMA) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Charlie Hanson,Ricky Gervais,Stephen Merchant

CAST : Warwick Davis,Ricky Gervais,Stephen Merchant,Jo Enright,Rosamund Hanson,Steve Brody,Shaun Williamson

WRITER : Ricky Gervais,Stephen Merchant

DIRECTOR : Ricky Gervais,Stephen Merchant

CREATOR : Ricky Gervais,Stephen Merchant,Warwick Davis

Genre : Comedy