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Leaving Las Vegas

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Summary: Nicolas Cage gives a powerful, Oscar(R)-winning performance in this "uniquely hypnotic and haunting love story" (Rolling Stone) co-starring Elisabeth Shue. Cage plays an alcoholic screenwriter who hits rock bottom and decides to end it all by drinking himself to death in Sin City. There, he meets a hooker named Sera (Shue), and the two lost souls form a unique bond based on unconditional acceptance and the promise of never interfering with the other's self-destructive spiral. Julian Sands co-stars. Directed and screenplay by Mike Figgis, based upon the novel by John O'Brien. (R) (AC,GL,N,V)

PRODUCER : Lila Cazes,Annie Stewart,Stuart Regen,Paige Simpson

CAST : Nicolas Cage,Elisabeth Shue,Julian Sands

WRITER : Mike Figgis,John O'Brien

DIRECTOR : Mike Figgis

Genre : Drama