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Kick-Ass 2

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Summary: Kick-Ass joins a crime-fighting team while Hit Girl decides to hang up her tights in this darkly comic sequel. While K.A. and the Justice Forever team takes down a series of criminals, they discover their biggest threat is spoiled rich Chris D'Amico ("Red Mist" in the first film) who has renamed himself "The Motherf**ker" and has one mission: to kill Kick-Ass! With every thug in the city out to ice him, K.A.'s only hope lies in the torn Hit Girl coming out of retirement. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Grace Moretz and Jim Carrey star. Directed by Jeff Wadlow; screenplay by Jeff Wadlow, based on the comic book written by Mark Millar & John S. Romita Jr. (R) (AC,AL,N,V)

PRODUCER : Matthew Vaughn,Adam Bohling,Tarquin Pack,David Reid,Brad Pitt,Mark Millar,John S. Romita Jr.,Stephen Marks,Claudia Vaughn

CAST : Aaron Taylor-Johnson,Christopher Mintz-Plasse,Chloe Grace Moretz,Jim Carrey

WRITER : Jeff Wadlow,Mark Millar,John S. Romita Jr.

DIRECTOR : Jeff Wadlow

Genre : Crime