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Just My Luck

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Summary: When a luck-blessed girl kisses a luck-deprived boy, fate reverses itself in this comedy starring Lindsay Lohan. Ashley (Lohan) has always had amazingly good luck in everything, from her career to the weather. But when she kisses accident-prone sad sack Jake (Chris Pine) at a party, suddenly things change: Jake's life takes off, and Ashley's goes down the tubes! The two are drawn to each other...but will their fates allow them to come together? With Faizon Love, Missi Pyle and the band McFly. Directed by Donald Petrie; story by Jonathan Bernstein & Mark Blackwell & James Greer and I. Marlene King; screenplay by I. Marlene King and Amy B. Harris. (PG13) (MV)

PRODUCER : Arnon Milchan,Arnold Rifkin,Donald Petrie,Joe Caracciolo Jr.

CAST : Lindsay Lohan,Chris Pine,Faizon Love,Missi Pyle,McFly

WRITER : I. Marlene King,Amy B. Harris,Jonathan Bernstein,Mark Blackwell,James Greer,I. Marlene King

DIRECTOR : Donald Petrie

Genre : Romance