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Summary: An abnormally aging ten-year-old boy tries to achieve normalcy despite his grown-man appearance in this film. After a sheltered life at home, the parents of ten-year-old Jack (Robin Williams) decide to send their boy to school. There's just one problem--something in Jack's biological makeup has had him rapidly aging his whole life and now he's about to enter the fifth grade...with the body of a middle-aged man. Diane Lane, Jennifer Lopez, Brian Kerwin, Bill Cosby and Fran Drescher co-star in Francis Ford Coppola's touching film. Written by James DeMonaco and Gary Nadeau. (PG13) (AC,AL,BN,MV)

CAST : Robin Williams,Diane Lane,Jennifer Lopez,Brian Kerwin,Fran Drescher,Bill Cosby

PRODUCER : Ricardo Mestres,Fred Fuchs,Francis Ford Coppola,Doug Claybourne

WRITER : James DeMonaco,Gary Nadeau

DIRECTOR : Francis Ford Coppola

Genre : Drama