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Invasion U.S.A.

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Summary: America wasn't ready...but Chuck Norris was! When a terrorist army invades the Southeast U.S. and spreads fear and panic with a series of violent attacks, only one man can stop them: ex-CIA agent Matt Hunter (Norris). The jean-clad, pickup truck-driving lone wolf comes out of retirement and immediately turns into a one-man army, dispatching the bazooka-wielding killers and their sadistic Soviet leader with devastating firepower and some memorable wisecracks. Co-starring Richard Lynch and Melissa Prophet. Directed by Joseph Zito; screenplay by James Bruner & Chuck Norris, story by Aaron Norris & James Bruner. (R) (AL,BN,V)

CAST : Chuck Norris,Richard Lynch,Melissa Prophet

PRODUCER : Menahem Golan,Yoram Globus

WRITER : James Bruner,Chuck Norris,Aaron Norris,James Bruner

DIRECTOR : Joseph Zito

Genre : Adventure