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Inhuman Resources

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Summary: This job's a real killer! Thomas 'Redd' Reddman (Nicholas Hope) was a businessman whose conviction for serial murder landed him in an asylum. For six people with a dark connection to the maniac, work takes a bloody turn when Redd kidnaps them, chains them to their desks, and threatens to carve them to pieces if they don't get to work. "Bloody, darkly humorous" ( featuring makeup effects by the legendary Tom Savini. Co-starring Kelly Paterniti, Sam Reid, James Mackay and Alan Dukes. Directed by Daniel Krige; written by Anthony O'Connor and Jonathon Green. (TVMA) (AC,AL,GV,N)

PRODUCER : Jonathon Green,Sandy Stevens

CAST : Nicholas Hope,Kelly Paterniti,Sam Reid,James Mackay,Alan Dukes

WRITER : Anthony O'Connor,Jonathon Green

DIRECTOR : Daniel Krige

Genre : Comedy