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Hide and Seek

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Summary: A series of scary events begin to unfold after a Manhattan psychologist moves to the country with his traumatized daughter in this harrowing thriller. Living in the wake of his wife's horrific suicide, Dr. David Callaway (Robert De Niro) figures a new start in upstate New York might be just the thing for himself and his adorable daughter Emily (Dakota Fanning). But Emily's new "imaginary" friend Charlie has other devious plans that leave Callaway desperate to find out if Charlie actually exists...and who-or what-he is. Famke Janssen, Elisabeth Shue, Amy Irving and Dylan Baker co-star. Directed by John Polson; written by Ari Schlossberg. (R) (AL,V)

PRODUCER : Barry Josephson,Joe Caracciolo, Jr.

CAST : Robert De Niro,Dakota Fanning,Famke Janssen,Elisabeth Shue,Amy Irving,Dylan Baker

WRITER : Ari Schlossberg

DIRECTOR : John Polson

Genre : Suspense