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Here on Earth

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Summary: Kelley (Klein) and Samantha (Sobieski) couldn't be more different. He's a rich, hotshot prep-school valedictorian with a negligent father. She's a down-to-earth waitress in her close-knit family's restaurant. Their fateful first encounter inspires a dangerous rivalry between Kelley and Samantha's boyfriend Jasper, resulting in the destruction of the diner. While Kelley and Jasper are put to work to rebuild it, Samantha discovers Kelley's hidden depths. The two fall in love, and nothing can keep them apart--not even a tragic secret that neither of them can control. With Josh Hartnett (The Virgin Suicides). (PG13) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Jeffrey Downer,David T. Friendly

CAST : Annette O'Toole,Annie Corley,Stuart Wilson,Chris Klein,Leelee Sobieski,Josh Hartnett,Michael Rooker,Bruce Greenwood

WRITER : Michael Seitzman

DIRECTOR : Mark Piznarski

Genre : Drama