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Grupo 7 (Unit 7)

Duration :


Summary: As Seville prepares for the 1992 International Expo, four undercover cops are charged with cleaning up the streets of drugs and prostitution. Playing by their own rules, the crack squad gets the job done but finds that even they aren't immune to rampant corruption and violence. Antonio de la Torre, Mario Casas, Joaquin Nunez and Jose Manuel Poga star in this "hard-hitting...enthralling" (Variety) crime thriller. Directed by Alberto Rodriguez; screenplay by Rafael Cobos; story by Rafael Cobos and Alberto Rodriguez. (TVMA) (AC,GL)

PRODUCER : Jose Antonio Felez,Gervasio Iglesias,Jose Sanchez-Monte

CAST : Antonio de la Torre,Mario Casas,Joaquin Nunez,Jose Poga

WRITER : Rafael Cobos,Rafael Cobos,Alberto Rodriguez

DIRECTOR : Alberto Rodriguez

Genre : Crime