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Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

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Summary: What's a teenager to do when mom goes off for a long vacation and installs The Babysitter from Hell? Pray! Fortunately for Christina Applegate (TV's Married with Children) and her four siblings, it works. The poor lady drops dead and the fun begins. Just one catch--there's no money in the house. So out the teen goes into the real world to bring home the bacon bits. Her adventures in the fast food and fashion worlds make for frisky comedy. (PG13) (AL)

CAST : Christina Applegate,Joanna Cassidy,Josh Charles,John Getz,Keith Coogan

PRODUCER : Robert Newmyer,Brian Reilly,Jeffrey Silver,Michael Phillips

WRITER : Neil Landau,Tara Ison

DIRECTOR : Stephen Herek

Genre : Comedy