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Courage Under Fire

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Summary: When honor is at stake, the truth can have many faces. When a female pilot is nominated for the Medal of Honor for her heroic role in a Gulf War incident in which she died, the Army sends Pentagon officer Denzel Washington to investigate. As he talks to the men she commanded, he gets differing accounts of the same event...and must decide for himself where the truth really lies. A thoughtful drama filled with "warmth, intelligence and a healthy share of surprises"(New York Times). Co-starring Meg Ryan, Lou Diamond Phillips, Michael Moriarty, Matt Damon, Seth Gilliam, Bronson Pinchot and Scott Glenn. Directed by Edward Zwick; screenplay by Patrick Sheane Duncan. (R) (AL,V)

PRODUCER : Joseph M. Caracciolo,Debra Martin Chase,John Davis,David T. Friendly,Joseph M. Singer

CAST : Denzel Washington,Meg Ryan,Lou Diamond Phillips,Michael Moriarty,Matt Damon,Seth Gilliam,Bronson Pinchot,Scott Glenn

WRITER : Patrick Sheane Duncan

DIRECTOR : Edward Zwick

Genre : War