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Cop and a Half

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Summary: An 8-year-old witness tags along with a cranky cop to catch criminals in this comedy. Devon Butler may be only in elementary school, but his bright ambitions to carry a police badge may be realized sooner than he thinks. As a key eyewitness to a crime, Devon holds a big bargaining chip with longtime cop Nick McKenna (Burt Reynolds): he'll tell the police what he knows, if McKenna allows the law savvy lad to join him on the chase! With Ray Sharkey, Ruby Dee and Norman D. Golden II. Directed by Henry Winkler; written by Arne Olsen. (PG) (MV)

PRODUCER : Tova Laiter,Paul Maslansky

CAST : Burt Reynolds,Ray Sharkey,Ruby Dee,Norman D. Golden II

WRITER : Arne Olsen

DIRECTOR : Henry Winkler

Genre : Comedy