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Class Act

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Summary: Duncan's a rich, smart nerd who doesn't know anything about being black. Blade is a poor, streetwise guy from the 'hood. When their high school records get mixed up and they trade places in class, watch out! Kid 'n' Play ('House Party') play Duncan and Blade in this spirited comedy. Directed by Randall Miller; screenplay by John Semper & Cynthia Friedlob, story by Michael Swerdlick & Wayne Rice and Richard Brenne. (PG13) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Todd Black,Maynell Thomas,Joe Wizan,Suzanne de Passe

CAST : Christopher "Kid" Reid,Christopher "Play" Martin

WRITER : John Semper,Cynthia Friedlob,Michael Swerdlick,Wayne Rice,Richard Brenne

DIRECTOR : Randall Miller

Genre : Comedy