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Bye Bye, Love

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Summary: Three divorced buddies experience the pains and pleasures of the single life in this lighthearted look at divorce from the male perspective. Gathering each weekend at the local McDonald's to pick up the kids from their ex-wives, they're full of plans...but things always seem to go wrong. Matthew Modine can't control his roving eye, even as his new girlfriend attempts to win over his children. Paul Reiser's attempt to bond with his teenage daughter backfires in a big way. And Randy Quaid endures a hilarious blind date from hell. But as the pals keep telling each other and their kids, "that's just the way it is." With Janeane Garofalo and Rob Reiner. Directed by Sam Weisman; screenplay by Gary David Goldberg and Brad Hall. (PG13) (AC,AL)

PRODUCER : Gary David Goldberg,Brad Hall,Sam Weisman

CAST : Matthew Modine,Randy Quaid,Paul Reiser,Janeane Garofalo,Rob Reiner

WRITER : Gary David Goldberg,Brad Hall

DIRECTOR : Sam Weisman

Genre : Drama