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Bored to Death 10: Make It Quick, Fitzgerald!

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Summary: Jonathan is hired by Richard Antrem, George's nemesis and boxing foe, to investigate Richard's suspicions that his wife Priscilla (George's ex) is having an affair. Jonathan's insecurities resurface when Stella announces she's not over her first love. George learns he has a new female urologist; Ray plots to win back Leah by penning a comic book. (TVMA) (AC,AL,N)

PRODUCER : Anna Dokoza,Michael Stricks,Jonathan Ames,Sarah Condon,Troy Miller,Stephanie Davis,Dave Becky

CAST : Jason Schwartzman,Ted Danson,Zach Galifianakis

WRITER : Jonathan Ames

DIRECTOR : Alan Taylor

CREATOR : Jonathan Ames

Genre : Comedy