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Adios Mundo Cruel (Goodbye Cruel World)

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Summary: In this dark comedy, a mild-mannered accountant and family man finds his world turned upside down after he is suddenly laid off and he inadvertently gets mixed-up with a gang of bumbling crooks. With Carlos Alberto Orozco, Monica Bejarano, Jose Montini, Carlos Aragon, Sandra Sanchez, Justo Martinez, Pedro Gamez and Lourdes Villareal. Directed by Jack Zagha Kababie; screenplay by Enrique Chmelnik and Jack Zagha Kababie. (TV14) (AC,AL,MV)

PRODUCER : Jack Zagha Kababie,Elsa Reyes,Sandra Paredes

CAST : Carlos Orozco,Monica Bejarano,Jose Montini,Carlos Aragon,Sandra Sanchez,Justo Martinez,Pedro Gamez,Lourdes Villareal

WRITER : Jack Zagha Kababie,Enrique Chmelnik

DIRECTOR : Jack Zagha Kababie

Genre : Comedy