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When It Was a Game III

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Summary: This sports documentary looks at the last decade of baseball's innocence: the 1960s. Rare, never-before-seen footage, vintage photographs and memorable stories reveal the changing face of the game in these years that were marked by the end of the New York Yankees' domination as well as the blossoming of minority superstars. Interviews include Billy Crystal, John Sayles, Geraldo Rivera, Tim McCarver, Bob Gibson, Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Al Kaline, Tony Oliva, Jim Kaat and Jeff Torborg. (TVPG) (AL)

CAST : Liev Schreiber,Andre Braugher,Kevin Costner,Rita Moreno,Billy Crystal,Bob Gibson,Hank Aaron,John Sayles

PRODUCER : George Roy,David Harmon,Steven Hilliard Stern,Ross Greenburg

WRITER : Steven Hilliard Stern

Genre : Documentary