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Waiting to Exhale

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Summary: Don't hold your breath waiting for a better movie about sisterhood to come along...this one's got it all: a screenplay based on a best-selling novel, four dynamite actresses and a soundtrack featuring some of the biggest divas in pop! Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine and Lela Rochon play friends in Phoenix who've had their share of bad relationships...and a lot of trouble finding a good one. Luckily, they've got each other for support! "An experience to be shared among girlfriends, sisters, mothers and daughters" (New York Post). (R) (AC,AL,N)

PRODUCER : Ezra Swerdlow,Deborah Schindler,Terry McMillan,Ronald Bass

CAST : Whitney Houston,Angela Bassett,Lela Rochon,Loretta Devine

WRITER : Terry McMillan,Ronald Bass,Terry McMillan

DIRECTOR : Forest Whitaker

Genre : Drama