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Virtual Sexuality

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Summary: Justine (Laura Fraser) is a pretty 17-year-old virgin who has decided not to prolong abstinence any longer. She settles on cocky male stud Alex to launch her sex life, but before they can get around to it, Justine accidentally splits herself into two people: her regular self and a male alter ego named Jake! Worse, neither Justine nor "Jake" realizes that they are really one person...resulting in one hilarious gag after another. With Rupert Penry-Jones, Luke de Lacey and Kieran O'Brien. Directed by Nick Hurran; written by Nick Fisher, based on the novel by Chloe Rayban. (R) (AC,AL,N)

PRODUCER : Charles Armitage,Jonathan Darby,Kevin Loader,Christopher Figg

CAST : Laura Fraser,Rupert Penry-Jones,Luke de Lacey,Kieran O'Brien

WRITER : Nick Fisher,Chloe Rayban

DIRECTOR : Nick Hurran

Genre : Science Fiction