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Vice Squad

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Summary: In this very adult thriller, a sadistic pimp roams the neon jungle of L.A.'s Sunset Strip, getting his kicks from murder. When he kills one of his girls, another prostitute cooperates with the police to help bring him in. But her life isn't worth a cent when he escapes and comes after her...unless the cops can find her first. Starring Season Hubley, Gary Swanson and Wings Hauser. Directed by Gary A. Sherman; written by Sandy Howard and Kenneth Peters and Robert Vincent O'Neil. (R) (AL,GV,RP,SC)

PRODUCER : Brian Frankish,Sandy Howard,Robert Rehme,Frank Capra Jr.

CAST : Season Hubley,Gary Swanson,Wings Hauser

WRITER : Sandy Howard,Kenneth Peters,Robert Vincent O'Neil

DIRECTOR : Gary A. Sherman

Genre : Crime