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VICE 16: Rocky Mountain High & North Korean Defectors

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Summary: "Rocky Mountain High" (correspondent: David Choe) - On January 1, 2014, the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. became a reality when Colorado lifted its prohibition on recreational marijuana use.Now, cannabis vendors in the state can sell the drug from seed to smoke. While the experiment has ushered in a gold-rush mentality for local entrepreneurs, Mexican cartels are projected to lose billions of dollars in profits. Federal laws make it difficult for businesses to use banks, so trained security forces are being hired to protect weed profits. David Choe looks at the impact of this ever-growing trade on the local and national economy, as businessmen and lawmakers try to capitalize on legal weed.If the nation goes the way of Colorado, American commerce and lifestyle will change forever. "North Korean Defectors" (correspondent: Thomas Morton) - Last season, VICE followed the journeys of North Korean defectors who risked their lives daring to escape the Hermit Kingdom. This year, we see that their hardships haven't ended; instead of being welcomed with open arms in South Korea, defectors are now faced with deep suspicion and discrimination. Coming from a world of extreme poverty and strict military dictatorship, North Korean defectors now struggle to find jobs, make friends, and find homes. Over half are women, and many turn to prostitution to make ends meet. But in the face of largely negative perceptions, one TV show, "Now On My Way to Meet You," humanizes North Koreans in a humorous and appealing light. Vikram Gandhi follows the paths of the defectors and their new lives in the highly modernized South Korea. (TV14) (AC)

PRODUCER : Bill Maher,Shane Smith,Eddy Moretti,BJ Levin

CAST : Shane Smith,Suroosh Alvi,Ben Anderson,David Choe,Vikram Gandhi,Gelareh Kiazand,Milene Larsson,Thomas Morton

Genre : Drama