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VICE 12: Greenland Is Melting & Bonded Labor

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Summary: 'Greenland Is Melting' (correspondent: Shane Smith) - Greenland recorded its highest temperatures ever in 2013. Nothing to worry about, some say--even though the equivalent of three Chesapeake Bays' worth of water is melting off the island every year, affecting sea levels around the world. Shane Smith embarks on an expedition to Greenland with climate scientist Jason Box to investigate why Greenland is melting, and how the resulting sea level rise will mean devastation sooner than expected. 'Bonded Labor' (correspondent: Fazeelat Aslam) - Millions of men, women, and children are working as bonded laborers in Pakistan's brick kilns. This abuse is facilitated by the devastating disenfranchisement of workers, and by the pervasive corruption of the brick-kiln industry and law enforcement. Fazeelat Aslam goes to the brick kilns to see the conditions, and learns how certain organizations are fighting back by rescuing the workers from their modern slavery. (TVMA) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Bill Maher,Shane Smith,Eddy Moretti,BJ Levin

CAST : Shane Smith,Suroosh Alvi,Ben Anderson,David Choe,Vikram Gandhi,Gelareh Kiazand,Milene Larsson,Thomas Morton

Genre : Drama