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The Wire 18: Undertow

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Summary: Ziggy loses his prized Camaro to drug dealers who aren't buying his alibis about not paying up. Unable to dump the homicide investigation on other police agencies, Col. Rawls measures Bunk for the blame, if the cases go unsolved. Weak product in the pit has Bodie getting heat from fiends and slingers alike. Homicide detectives hand out grand jury summonses to stevedores involved in the homicide case, and port police officer Beadie Russell works the lingering affections of an old boyfriend--also a stevedore--to find out how cargo disappears from the docks. Inside the detail, there is clamoring to have the ongoing homicide investigation folded into the investigation of Frank Sobotka and his band of union brothers. (TVMA) (AC,AL,BN,V)

PRODUCER : David Simon,Robert F. Colesberry,Nina Kostroff Noble

CAST : Dominic West,Sonja Sohn,Lance Reddick,Wendell Pierce,Idris Elba,Wood Harris,Frankie R. Faison

WRITER : Ed Burns,Ed Burns,David Simon

DIRECTOR : Steve Shill

CREATOR : David Simon

Genre : Drama