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The Wire 14: Ebb Tide

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Summary: In the Season Two premiere, Det. Jimmy McNulty--exiled to police-boat duty--finds the body of a woman floating in the Baltimore harbor. Bodie drives to Philly to make a connection for the Barksdale crew and Stringer Bell takes the train to New York to feel out the crew's reticent suppliers. (TVMA) (AC,AL,BN,V)

PRODUCER : David Simon,Robert F. Colesberry,Nina Kostroff Noble

CAST : Dominic West,Sonja Sohn,Lance Reddick,Wendell Pierce,Idris Elba,Wood Harris,Frankie R. Faison

WRITER : David Simon,David Simon,Ed Burns

DIRECTOR : Ed Bianchi

CREATOR : David Simon

Genre : Drama