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The War

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Summary: A troubled family with a war-vet father struggles with life in 1970s rural Mississippi. Stephen Simmons, a Vietnam veteran, is haunted by his experience, and it's affecting his marriage. Meanwhile, his young son and daughter face another kind of battle with the neighborhood bullies. Things come to a head during one hot summer in this moving family drama. With Elijah Wood, Kevin Costner, Mare Winningham and Lexi Randall. Directed by Jon Avnet; screenplay by Kathy McWorter. (PG13) (AL,MV)

PRODUCER : Jon Avnet,Jordan Kerner,Todd Baker,Eric Eisner

CAST : Elijah Wood,Kevin Costner,Mare Winningham,Lexi Randall

WRITER : Kathy McWorter

DIRECTOR : Jon Avnet

Genre : Drama