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The Sessions

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Summary: Severely disabled from polio since childhood, Mark O'Brien yearns to experience something most people take for granted: sex. Oscar(R)-nominee John Hawkes ("Winter's Bone") delivers a "towering performance" (Box Office) as the paralyzed poet who enlists sex therapist Helen Hunt (in an Oscar(R)-nominated role) to aid in his quest. As their sessions progress, an unexpected connection develops that changes the dynamic of their encounters...and their lives. A tender, funny tale based on a true story. Co-starring Moon Bloodgood, Annika Marks, Rhea Perlman with Adam Arkin and William H. Macy. Written for the Screen and Directed by Ben Lewin. (R) (AC,AL,N,SC)

PRODUCER : Judi Levine,Stephen Nemeth,Ben Lewin,Maurice Silman,Julius Colman,Douglas Blake

CAST : John Hawkes,Helen Hunt,Moon Bloodgood,Annika Marks,Rhea Perlman,Adam Arkin,William H. Macy

WRITER : Ben Lewin

DIRECTOR : Ben Lewin

Genre : Biography