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The Rock

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Summary: Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage team up to stop a devious U.S. general's threat to chemically attack San Francisco with weapons launched from Alcatraz Island in this action-thriller. General Hummel is a decorated veteran who, with his team of operatives, takes civilians hostage at Alcatraz prison until his ransom is fulfilled--$100 million that goes to families of soldiers who died on classified missions while never receiving recognition. If his demands are not met, Hummel threatens to unleash a chemical assault on San Francisco. Out to stop him is Stanley Goodspeed (Cage), an FBI chemical weapons specialist who is led to Alcatraz along with a team of Navy SEALs by the only man ever to have broken out of the penitentiary! With Ed Harris, John Spencer, Michael Biehn, William Forsythe and David Morse. Directed by Michael Bay; screenplay by David Weisberg, Douglas Cook, Mark Rosner, story by David Weisberg, Douglas Cook. (R) (AC,AL,V)

CAST : Sean Connery,Nicolas Cage,Ed Harris,Michael Biehn,William Forsythe

PRODUCER : Don Simpson,Jerry Bruckheimer,William Stuart,Sean Connery,Louis A. Stroller

WRITER : David Weisberg,Douglas Cook,Mark Rosner,David Weisberg,Douglas Cook

DIRECTOR : Michael Bay

Genre : Thriller