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The Education of Mohammad Hussein

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Summary: There is an entire generation of American Muslim children who do not know a world before September 11, 2001--when the country was largely unaware or neutral to Islam. This film goes inside a tightly knit Muslim community, focusing on the children and teens attending Al-lkhlas, a traditional Islamic school in Detroit--home to America's largest Muslim community. Shot by Oscar(R) nominees Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady (Jesus Camp), the film captures a year in the lives of these children as they exist in a post-9/11 America where their faith is scrutinized and their patriotism questioned. (TV14) (AL)

PRODUCER : Heidi Ewing,Rachel Grady,Sadia Shepard,Sheila Nevins

DIRECTOR : Heidi Ewing,Rachel Grady

Genre : Documentary