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Strike Back: Origins 01: Episode 01

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Summary: Series Premiere. On the eve of the 2003 Iraq invasion, a Special Forces unit led by Sgt. John Porter undertakes a dangerous helicopter mission to rescue a British hostage, weapons contractor Kenneth Bratton, from a terrorist safe house in Iraq. Though the team gets Bratton out alive, two soldiers are killed and one is gravely wounded. The fatalities lead to Porter's discharge, followed by seven years of exile, while fellow team member Hugh Collinson ends up becoming head of the MI6's Section 20. In 2010, journalist Katie Dartmouth, daughter of a high-ranking British diplomat, is kidnapped outside Basra by Sword of Islam militants led by Hakim Al Nazeri. Porter, who recognizes one of Al Nazeri's underlings, connects with Collinson and Section 20 before heading out in a rogue effort to rescue Katie before an execution deadline. (TVMA) (AC,AL,V)

PRODUCER : Andrew Benson,Andy Harries,Elaine Pyke

CAST : Richard Armitage,Andrew Lincoln,Orla Brady,Shelley Conn,Colin Salmon,Jodhi May,Laura Greenwood,Fenar Mohammed-Ali,Dhafer L'Abidine,Nicola Stephenson,David Butler,Ron Smerczac,Nabil Elouahabi,Shaun Parkes,David Harewood,Cal MacAninch,Craig Hawks,Justin Beachcroft-Shaw,Denton Douglas

WRITER : Jed Mercurio

DIRECTOR : Daniel Percival

Genre : Action