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Strike Back 24: Episode 24

Duration :


Summary: Stonebridge, Scott, Richmond and Martinez stage a daring rescue mission after Leatherby takes Kamali's daughter Ester hostage. Meanwhile, on Locke's orders, Kamali tracks down Dalton, who's in the process of interrogating Sofia - the "package" Leatherby picked up at the airstrip - for information about al-Zuhari. The two allow Sofia to escape in hopes she'll lead them to al-Zuhari. Instead, they encounter a dangerous and surprising foe with a vendetta against the British. (TVMA) (AC,AL,N,V)

PRODUCER : Selwyn Roberts,Andy Harries,Michael J. Bassett,James Dormer,Tim Vaughan,Michael Casey

CAST : Philip Winchester,Sullivan Stapleton,Rhona Mitra,Michelle Lukes,Robson Green

WRITER : James Dormer

DIRECTOR : Julian Holmes

Genre : Drama