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Strike Back 23: Episode 23

Duration :


Summary: In Beirut, Kamali wins Scott and Stonebridge's trust by leading them to James Leatherby, an ex-SAS mercenary who's planning to smuggle al-Zuhari into the city. Threatening someone close to Leatherby with exposure and disgrace, Dalton learns the time and place of Leatherby's pickup--but is al-Zuhari the package? Meanwhile, Russian mob boss Arkady Ulyanov vows revenge on the men who killed his son in Colombia--and enlists an irresistible siren to locate one of them. (TVMA) (AC,AL,SC,V)

PRODUCER : Selwyn Roberts,Andy Harries,Michael J. Bassett,James Dormer,Tim Vaughan,Michael Casey

CAST : Philip Winchester,Sullivan Stapleton,Rhona Mitra,Michelle Lukes,Robson Green

WRITER : James Dormer

DIRECTOR : Julian Holmes

Genre : Drama