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Strike Back 13: Episode 13

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Summary: A shaken Stonebridge joins Scott in Niger to track down Axmali, a radical Muslim cleric now in possession of the triggers, but they are hindered by a suspicious CIA air strike and local hostility. The trail heats up again in Niamey, where a courier named Othmani, triggers in tow, is making his way to Algeria. Scott and Stonebridge ally with Markunda, the sultry leader of a nomadic Tuareg tribe, to land Othmani, whom Section 20 learns has blood ties to El Soldat, a top Al Qaeda leader. But a desert ambush ends up putting the entire mission in jeopardy...again. (TVMA) ()

CAST : Said Taghmaoui,Laetitia Eido,Philip Winchester,Sullivan Stapleton,Rhona Mitra,Rhashan Stone,Michelle Lukes,Charles Dance,Vincent Regan,Liam Garrigan,Shane Taylor,Natalie Becker

PRODUCER : Trevor Hopkins,Chris Clough,Andy Harries,Huw Kennair-Jones

WRITER : James Dormer

DIRECTOR : Paul Wilmhurst

Genre : Drama