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Strike Back 10: Episode 10

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Summary: In Budapest, Section 20 tracks a pair of suicide bombers who could bring the city--and the World Security Summit--to its knees. The plot thickens when Akmal Ramiz, a Pakistani general-turned-presidential candidate, is abducted while en route to the summit, providing Latif with additional leverage against Grant and her team. After Scott makes a stomach-churning discovery while hunting his prey on the subway, Stonebridge rushes to the Palace courtyard in a desperate attempt to stop the second suspect before he can detonate a VX-laden bomb amidst a throng of summit attendees. When the Section 20 crib is exposed, Grant finds herself in a compromising position that forces her to reveal the truth about her past--and a covert Iraqi operation known as "Trojan Horse." (TVMA) (AC,AL,GV)

PRODUCER : Trevor Hopkins,Michael Casey,Andy Harries,Elaine Pyke

CAST : Philip Winchester,Sullivan Stapleton

WRITER : Tony Saint

DIRECTOR : Dan Percival

Genre : Action